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Yes to HSR

'Yes to High-Speed Rail' is a campaign, independent from the Government and HS2 Ltd, representing employers from across the country who believe Britain needs a modern, high-speed rail network to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, making ordinary passengers' lives easier by freeing up capacity on existing lines and bringing better services to more people.

Their case is backed by business people large and small from across the country, united by a belief that High-Speed Rail will significantly help Britain's economy, creating jobs and boosting parts of the country that really need it.

The debate around High-Speed Rail has so far been dominated by a small group of local opponents with strong views, mostly in the south, but the national campaign in favour of High-Speed Rail is growing.  You can contribute by adding your voice - so say 'Yes' too.

Your voice is important so please make it heard and help make the case for High-Speed Rail to Leeds.

Yes to High-Speed Rail website