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Better Local Rail Services

New high-speed lines will provide much-needed extra capacity for Britain and Yorkshire's congested rail network.

A significant number of the journeys currently made to London and other destinations on the East Coast Main Line, which along its length handles long-distance expresses, local services and freight trains, would be transferred to the HS2 high-speed route.

This would free up the space in the timetable and on track for more, fast, frequent commuter services between Leeds and growing population and business centres such as Wakefield, Sheffield and Doncaster.

Additional capacity would also become available for freight services, particularly fast container trains from the South and East Coast ports to the Midlands and North, thereby helping to reduce the number of lorries on the motorway network.


It has been alleged by opponents of HS2 that the money that it will take to build the network would be better spent upgrading existing routes but evidence from the rail industry makes it clear that this is likely only to provide a temporary solution. Network Rail has said that the West Coast Main Line, which has undergone a £10 billion upgrade, will be at full capacity again within the next decade.

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