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Local Businesses Backing High-Speed Rail

The Presidents of the seven Yorkshire Chambers recently united to express their support for High-Speed Rail in a letter which featured in the Daily Telegraph.

In their letter they stressed investment in infrastructure is vital in rebalancing the national economy to the northern towns and cities and crucial for the United Kingdom's long-term economic success.

High-Speed Rail, they wrote, will connect Yorkshire's businesses with the Midlands, London, and Europe improving the competitiveness and productivity of the region.

They also called for upgrades such as electrification and new rolling stock and expanded capacity, to existing rail links.

Full article, Daily Telegraph website: 'Business leaders believe high-speed rail will help northern cities to grow'

Fighting talk

Nigel Foster, Vice-President of Leeds Chamber and Director of Arup has also urged local business leaders to make their voices heard in the national debate on high-speed rail, which he fears is being dominated by 'vocal protests from local interest groups along the first phase of the route'.

Foster says that as long-term beneficiaries of high-speed rail, the Yorkshire business community needs to speak by providing examples of how high-speed rail will benefit their business and by writing to regional and national media to demonstrate business support for the line.

Read Nigel Foster's article on The Chamber website:  'Yorkshire Business Needs to Do More to Win the Battle for High Speed Rail'